The Bibi Suit

Hi guys, Bibi here!  So for the longest time, I have wanted to design a suit and I’ve always dreamed of a pink suit. Why? It’s the combination of opposites… well by world standard. Chimamanda would disagree though but my point is Pink is possibly the girliest colour and a suit is unarguably the strongest […]


Introducing the Dress The Part Campaign featuring beautiful women from different fields who also happen to be customers. When the idea for this campaign came to be, it only made sense that the women who we dress be the stars of this campaign. You’ll get to know more about them and the campaign in a […]

Namah x Salewa

We couldn’t help but share these lovely visuals of Salewa in the Namah jumpsuit. Salewa is a lawyer and a blogger of and she also happens to be a customer. Did someone say triple threat? Hahaa! We are totally here for this look and you can get yours before it sells out as we […]