How am I sure I get my size and what happens if I don’t?

Sizing has always been an issue with online shopping we at Lady Biba strive to tackle this by

1) Providing measurement guide on our store check link.

2) By offering an exchange policy check link

3) By providing details on each piece as to their fit.

As you continue to shop with us, you’ll get acquainted with our sizes and find the perfect fit for yourself.


Do you deliver to other states and internationally?

for now, Lady Biba delivers only within Lagos and this is done to ensure efficiency. Lady Biba hopes to officially deliver outside Lagos sometime in the nearest future. However, if you want a piece and you’re outside Lagos, Special provisions could be made once you contact us.


Where is your showroom? Where can I find you?

Lady Biba currently has no brick and mortar store. We operate from a mini factory. Lady Biba displays at trade fairs like Le Petit Marche and Mente de moda and seasonally have events to appreciate and meet and greet our clients. We try to retail our pieces ourselves to keep the price margins as low as possible. Want to visit our office? Send an email and arrangements can be made.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my purchase? It happens that we see items on screen and then see it physically and are not what we expected as to fabric and feel. You can always exchange it. Pls see refund policy. However, It is advised to send an email if you’re not sure to infer on details of the piece you’re interested in. We have had customers do that and it has worked well in their favor. At the end of the day, we want you to be happy with your purchase and look fabulous in it so that your friends can be our “fashion friends” as well.

What is Fashion Friends about?

Fashion friends are simply Lady Biba clients. Lady Biba is working on developing a community where fashion lovers and enthusiasts can share their outfits. Right now, you can check the fashion friends link to see how our beautiful customers wore their Lady Biba piece.


How do I go about getting samples for styling?

Lady Biba is always happy to loan clothes to stylists. All you have to do is send an email stating the details for use of piece. Professionalism is essential. Pieces are expected to be returned dry-cleaned and in good condition. Lady Biba holds the right to decline or accept request to lend out piece as we like to see our pieces portrayed in a light best for the brand.


What happens when a piece I like is sold out?

Its always great pleasure to get requests for pieces that are sold out. However, we cannot get carried away and produce too many units of a particular style. Lady BIBA produces limited quantity per style but it happens that some products may be restocked. You can always send an email to infer.


Why don’t you take fabric to sew or custom orders?

Lady Biba is a ready to wear line so we do not take custom orders. However, a sister brand is in works for the near future to cater to bespoke wear. We want to take our time to ensure excellence in a field before addressing another.


Where do you make your clothes?

All Lady Biba pieces are designed and manufactured in Nigeria with the use of local tailors.


Why don’t you use African fabrics/ Design African inspired pieces?

Lady Biba does not limit herself to the use of any fabric. We have used both Ankara and our very own elegant Aso-oke and even have plans for using adire. We also use silk and leather and jersey. It’s really about wherever the inspiration leads. “To me, as a designer, inspiration comes several places and it is often unplanned and sometimes even surprising. I feel it would be cheating or robbing aesthetics to forcefully tie down my inspiration to Africa to suit some palettes. My inspiration always comes from a true place and who knows? Africa may just be next on my mood-board. That being said, all my designs are in some way inspired by Lagos not directly but the people, energy, drive, vibrance, persistence are all in the spirit of my designs.” -Bibi Adeniyi

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