Lady Biba got the opportunity to showcase at the Africa Fashion Week London 2016 in collaboration with The wife of the Vice President’s foundation; Step up. It was an awesome opportunity as Step up is an organisation set up to help and train women as artisans in order for them to have a means to make an income for themselves. I, Bibi believes in trade and not aid as no economy can grow from just charity alone. This is a practical example of Fashion making a difference and I love that we were somewhat a part of that.

Feast your eyes on the photos below. The Monostrap jumpsuit (First Photo) will be available in our next collection but you can still Shop the Carina (Second Photo) and the Charlize top (First photo in the last row or 9th photo if you’re viewing on a mobile device)

img_4659 img_4666 img_4673 img_4679 img_4695 img_4697 img_4699 img_4700 img_4701 img_4702 img_4704




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