An important matter that has our hearts bleeding at Lady Biba HQ are our fellow brothers and sisters in the US who have constantly been assaulted and harassed. The lack of consideration and unequal treatment of black people in America is alarming and not something to be ignored. We all have at least one friend or family that lives in the US, It affects them and it affects us all inadvertently as “Injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere”

Right here in Nigeria, we are frustrated by how our women are treated. Rape, Assault and Murder. We as a brand that dresses women and looks to make an impact, this is not something we can ignore. And beyond our brand, even just for the sheer humanity of it. All, we have to speak up against rape. Beyond social media, here are some things we can do; Two funds have been set up by I said what I said Podcast and The Stand to End Rape initiative to help one victim; Farasina and the family of another victim; Uwaila. You can contribute to those funds. Bella Naija has also compiled a list of platforms that are dedicated to helping women that have been assaulted or sexually violated. You can share this with anyone you know who is in that situation. It’s important for women to know that not only will they be believed when they speak up but there are institutions set up to support them and get justice.


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