What does work means to you?
Work to me is service and a means to make a positive difference and impact. It is intrinsically tied to my purpose so I attach a good deal of responsibility to ensuring I give my best.
What you do and why you do it?
I am the Director of Governance and Sustainability at Sahara Group. I am responsible for spearheading sustainability and governance for Sahara Group which currently operates out of 38 countries whilst representing Sahara Group’s interest to our growing network of stakeholders.
What does winning look like to you?
Fulfillment of one’s purpose on this earth and doing your very best once you identify what that is. That purpose will differ for each one of us.

Top 3 things you think women just starting off their career can do to win and thrive there?
Ask questions and learn, identify a mentor/someone who has been through what you have and lastly be prepared to put in the work!


How do you stay motivated?
Remind myself of what the overall purpose and point of it all is, listen to my body and know when to stop and be still, identify others of like minds who constantly inspire and encourage me.

3 activities that help you unwind/relax after work.

A good laugh and connection with loved ones, serene environment (candles and music always a bonus), a good movie/show.


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