9 Years of Creating Beautiful Pieces for Beautiful Women

It all started here. It started here, on this vintage sewing machine given to the founder; Bibi, by her Aunty Nike who first introduced her to the art of making clothes.She would go to the penthouse of her childhood home in Lagos, Nigeria to watch her aunt practise what she had learnt in fashion school. She would play with fabric swatches and make little outfits for my teddies. She would always go through the same old catalogs her aunt had from the 80's each time seeing something new. She would wonder how the very tall women in the catalogs were able to walk in those really fitted pencil skirts. Her fascination didn't end there. She went on to the fashion world first as an independent fashion blogger then as a fashion writer with different stints in Magazines like Thisday Style, Fab Magazine and Arise Fashion Week Magazine. Fashion internships and many sewing errors after; Lady Biba was born. It was this same machine that produced the very First Lady Biba pieces.